1. Our ministry started with a farm that was turned into a camp site with spiritual goals. Over the years it has grown to a resort where 430 families and 150 teenagers can spend their vacation and conferences. We have seen many lives turn to Christ and many ten thousands received a blessing. The website is not yet completely in English or German, sorry for that. Have a look at www.betteld.nl

2. This year in 2014 the Lord also entrusted to our ministry our fourth venue in the centre of our country. We receive smaller groups there.

3. We have been in the founding committee of the Dutch Christian camp and conference association. This started in the beginning of the eighties. I was on the board for more than 25 years. WE had about 80 members. This is our website: www.vcr.nu

4. In the nineties we set up European meetings to work together and this brought us in contact with Christian Camping International. In 1997 The Netherlands became associate member of CCI in the UK. In 1999 The Netherlands became full member in Tokyo, Japan. In 2006 the global Forum was held at De Betteld and I was invited to take part in the worldwide board and I ended my term 31-12-2013. We had global meetings in the USA, Panama and Spain. This is our website: www.cciworldwide.org

5. In the year 2011 we started a partnership of as many as possible European venues to work together in the realm of marketing. We all use the logo of Christian Holiday Europe in our marketing. You can find the list of partners on this website: www.christianholidayeurope.org

6. Four partners in the Netherlands try to promote Christian Camping as much as possible. One of these is the VCR, but also “Het vakantieplein” (exhibition of Christian camping in de Jaarbeurs) a website (www.chr.vakantiesite.nl) and we are providing a yearly magazine. You can see it right here: www.nationalechristelijkevakantiecatalogus.nl

7. De Betteld is nominated three times for innovative entrepreneurship.

·      By the ANWB

·      By the Recron

·      By Nort (National Entrepreneurs in Recreation and Tourism).

You can read about it in Dutch inthis pdf.