During the summer of 2012, George Verwer was the speaker in our summer programme at De Betteld. Jannita and I first met him during Mission ’83 in Lausanne (Switseland). This was the start of our relationship. I met again with him in 2009 in Edinburgh in Scotland during the 24-7 prayer celebration “I am 10”. By the end of the week in 2012 at De Betteld, George gave me his “global jacket” and put it around my shoulders while he prayed for keys for global missions. That was the most moving moment of 2012.
1. Our first real missions experience was a mission trip to Ethiopia. Jannita and I visited Henk and Gera Schonewille who were running a Guest House for missionaries. This was a life changing journey. The Lord still wanted us to improve De Betteld and to learn more lessons at De Betteld. In the year 2011 in November we travelled to Mozambique to see what Heidi and Rolland baker do in that country. They take care of thousands of kids, train many locals and western students for ministry and Kingdom work. This experience gave a tremendous hunger to see things also change in our part of the world. Europe needs Christ desperately.

After that I got involved in the Call2All (www.call2all.org) and took part in the Call2All in LA in December 2011. This put much more oil on the fire to see Gods Kingdom grow and train people for the great commission. This all together gave the vision and the strong desire to lauch a mission school. It started September 13th of 2013:www.globalmissionschooleurope.org

2. After Call2All in LA, I was part of the committee setting up the call2all Western Europe at De Betteld under the leadership of Steve and Rhonda Asworth from Youth with a Mission. This brought me in contact with Markus Rapp. He is a German leader from the organization “Christ for Europe” and he is the leader of “International School of Ministries (Isom)”. Isom is a bible school inside the local church using DVD teaching, a workbook and a local trainer. Markus asked me to start with Isom Holland and Flanders. After thinking and praying I accepted this challenge. We launched Isom Holland in March of 2013 presenting it at several cities. Isom int. now operates for 250.000 students globally in 145 nations. In December we went for CCI to San Francisco, LA and San Diego and during out trip we also met the founder Berin Gilfillan from Good Sheperd ministries. Find all the available information right here:www.internationalschoolofministries.nl

3. Before I felt these longings for missions, God brought me in contact with the prayer movement. I got in contact with the 24-7 prayer movement in the UK led by Pete Greig and the work of Ihop in Kansas. With a group of prayer warriors we started the Europeam House of Prayer at De Betteld. This is a clip where Mike Bickle gives his blessing: