Bringing people together with the longing to bring them in the presence of the Lord for vacation, conferences and training is one thing.  This will reach many thousands. It's also good to bring the love of Jesus in the homes of everybody. The times we live in, is full of media. TV, radio and internet are prominently present in the lives of the masses. That means beside all negative effects, it's also a huge opportunity to spread the gospel using media applications. We will launch a media portal combing many of the current possibilities:  

  1. Providing filtered secular content 
  2. Providing Christian and positive TV from a global choice 
  3. Providing a radio package of your choice  
  4. Providing Video on demand with biblical teaching, documentaries, films, worship, etc,  

It will start in the Netherlands: ( just Dutch) 

Once it is a success in the Netherlands, we'll bring it hopefully further on as a Global Gospel Network. Look here: