Dear friends, 


Some amazing things are happening: 


First of all, our 4th centre will be opened by us by June 1st.  It's a kind of classical building in Doorn, holding about 80 people for conferences and vacation. It's central in Holland, beautifully located in a sort of small park and it's like a 4 star hotel.  Please look here:   


Secondly, we set op a Week of Worship in August as part of our 2 month summer program.  Matthew Ward and Randy Stonehill will be coming and many more. We have a lot of joint efforts.  It's here:   


Thirdly we launched our new website.  Please look here for an overview of our ministires:   clikcj the arrow. 


I ask you to pray for several things: 


1. Please pray for our 4 venues. That they may be filled and used for Gods glory and be a blessing to many. 

2. Please pray for our son Bas and his (almost) wife Veronique.  Theit date of marriag eis May 24th  2014. they run   

3. Please pray for the media project.  I want to start with the pilot October first. 

4. Please pray for our team, times are a bit rough in the pesonal realm for several of them.  

5. Please pray for our family, we want them all to be warriors for Christ. 

6. Please pray for our neighbour. He brings us to court because of zoning issues. Let the love of Christ capture him. 

7. Please prau for enough finances to make effective steps for the Kingsom 


Thank you for your commitment.  

Gerhard & Jannita.